The 1LT Rob Seidel Memorial Golf Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register my team, but then add players later?

Yes, under 'Golfer' select 'Setup a Team'. When you setup a team, you will be required to fully register and pay for yourself as the team captain. Other golfers can go to the website after you register the team to pay themselves. They simply go to the Register screen and under 'Golfer' select "Join a Team", find the team name you created, then register to that team and pay for themselves. Note: Your foursome must be fully paid before your team will be considered fully registered and before a tee time is confirmed.

Can I register a team and all four golfers all at the same time?

Yes, select the 'Foursome' registration. This will allow you to register all four members of your team. Note: If you register the entire foursome, you must pay for the entire foursome at checkout. You also must have each player's name, email address, phone number, and shirt size to complete the full team registration.

Why do I need to enter an email address for each player?

Every player and volunteer must attest to the Event Waiver in order to participate in the tournament, and a unique email address per participant is requested to be entered. Even if a full Foursome is registered and paid for by the Captain, each player listed in the foursome will be sent a follow-up email to complete their registration by attesting to the waiver and providing their full contact information. In the event that an email address cannot be provided for all players, paper copies will be available for completion at check-in.

Can I register online but pay on the day of the tournament?

Paying for registration on the day of the tournament is no longer an option. Your foursome must be fully paid before your team will be considered fully registered and before a tee time is confirmed. You may pay by credit card from the website, or pay by check. All checks should be made payable and mailed to 1LT Rob Seidel WSF Inc, 19 Jackson Rd, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Once your check is received and cleared, you will receive a confirmation email with your invoice marked "Paid". Be sure to reference your order number from your order confirmation in the Memo of the check.

Where will I be asked whether I want to play in the Morning or Afternoon?

Your preference for playing in the morning or afternoon will be asked as a question during the checkout process (after the order information and payment type page). Be sure all members of your team select the same preference if you register separately. We will try our best to accommodate your preference, however we cannot guarantee you will get your preferred tee time. The Morning tee time tends to fill more quickly, so the earlier you complete your team registration and pay in full, the better the chances you have to get your preferred time. If you selected one of the "...Only" preferences, and we are not able to accommodate your preference, your registration fees will be refunded.

How will I know which tee time I am getting?

Each registered team member will get a confirmation email with their confirmed tee time once the team is fully registered and paid, and the tee time schedule has been finalized.

Can I register multiple teams and purchase other products all at the same time?

Yes, the website works like a shopping cart. Just select the items you wish to purchase, by placing the desired quantity in the box below each item. Various items can be combined and purchased together. Select all of the items that you want and continue to the next step. Additional information and confirmations will appear on the following pages. Your cart can be viewed and modified at any point by clicking the bag icon in the top right corner of the website.

I can't play in the tournament, but I still want to make a donation. How do I do that?

You can make a donation by selecting 'Donation' under the 'Products' menu, and entering an amount of your choice.

How do I change a team member or T-shirt size after my foursome is registered?

To change team information, email with the requested changes anytime before the tournament date. However, T-Shirt orders will be finalized by 15 July, so player changes after that date may not get their desired shirt size.

Should I bring cash the day of the tournament?

While your registration fees will already have been paid prior to the tournament, it is a good idea to bring cash for tipping the beverage cart staff and participating in the small games of chance. There is an ATM machine at the course. We will also be accepting cash or credit cards the day of the tournament for buying 50/50 and Prize raffles, purchasing tournament merchandise available for sale, and making donations.

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